Dominican Hammock Rocking Chairs (our craftsmen, pictured above)
Beautiful Caribbean hardwoods in a unique design

Completely Portable
The Perfect Tail-gating chair

Compact for RV storage
Price includes
free delivery within the continental United Stages

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2 guys comfortable small

Dominican Hammock Rocking Chairs go from lakeside to living room. They fold to a depth of 6 inches and weigh less than 18 lbs. Strong and sturdy, made from Caribbean hardwoods and individually built by skilled artisans.

Our unique design, which has no rocker bows, allows the chairs to rock freely in the grass or rocks, and even on an incline. Safer than other rocking chairs for children and pets; no rocked-on tails or fingers.

A perfect baby shower gift. Most new mothers like rocking chairs. Our chair is light enough to be easily moved from the baby's room to other places inside or outside the house. The sturdy arms allow for easy standing from the chair, even while holding a baby. In other rocking chairs pushing on the arm will cause the chair to tip, but not with the Dominican Rocking Chair, and hammock seat is "soooo" comfortable. The polished and finished wood means no chance for splinters and pretty enough for the living room. Our rockers have been tested with a person 6'5" tall and another who weighs 350 lbs, though we guarantee the chair for 275 lbs.

Each rocker comes with a matching pillow which can be adjusted to a person's height.
Your choice of
green, red or beige in natural wood or dark managing color with either green or tan fabric. The water and stain resistant hammock seat is easily removable and machine washable.
Introductory Price $209.00 -includes free shipping to continental US

For any purchase information, please call 615-883-7622
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